The Fine Art of Casting a Ballot

By M Adrian Brassington Historically, Hamiltonians have returned incumbent councillors more than 90 per cent of the time. Why? Familiarity? Comfort? Better the devil you know …? Fear of things getting worse than they have been? All of the above? I think if you were to examine election results going back to the 1970s, you’d […]

Focus Turns to Municipal Election & Voter Turnout

  With the Ontario general election over, the focus returns  to the municipal vote in October – and also to voter turnout, which went up slightly in the poll that gave Premier Kathleen Wynne a majority June 12. * * * Voters in municipal elections traditionally are the least likely to vote, with only 49 […]

Candidates: Show concern for the common good

This is the second installment of One Vote, a feature where voters  talk about what it will take to get their support in the June 12 Ontario election / By Teri Pecoskie * * * Christina Paradela’s vote in next month’s provincial election hinges on two C’s: consideration for the community and consideration for the […]

What Hamilton Hive member Ryan Moran looks for in a politician

The first in a series of Q&A features with Hamilton’s young professionals – members of Hamilton Hive – in the lead-up to the 2014 Municipal Election.  Name:  Ryan Moran

Editorial: Should voting be mandatory?

Is it time to make voting compulsory? Almost certainly not. But we have to do something so more people will vote in Hamilton in 2014. Supposing you lived in Hamilton, Australia instead of Hamilton, Ontario. (Yes, it exists — it’s a small agricultural township in Australia’s south.) Supposing, again, you lived there in an election […]

Jim Poling: On our democratic obligation

 * * * My wife and I have long held the belief the most important thing we could do as parents is ensure our children received the gift of education.

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