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The Hamilton Civic League: Challenging You to Vote

  The system is either broken or deliberately designed to keep residents out of the decision making process . . .

Former Councillor Don Ross is fourth to join mayor’s race

Don Ross admits his run for mayor has been a long time coming — but not long enough to hurt his chances.

Issues: Traffic Congestion

Traffic is an issue for most Hamiltonians, as is the case across Ontario these days.  But bottlenecks are a particularly difficult problem in Waterdown, where streams of cars are squeezed through the narrow downtown core.

UPDATE: Former mayor fills Morelli’s seat

UPDATE: Bob Morrow has been appointed as caretaker of Bernie Morelli’s ward until the Oct. 27 municipal election.  Read the full story at * * * Hamilton councillors are considering appointing former mayor Bob Morrow to replace Ward 3 Councillor Bernie Morelli, who died Jan. 14. Morrow, Hamilton’s longest serving mayor, declined to comment […]

Issues: West Harbour

The city spent $8 million-plus buying out reluctant homeowners and knocking down homes along Barton and Tiffany Streets for The-Stadium-That-Wasn’t.

Issues: Bratina talks de-amalgamation

Mayor Bob Bratina says he’s resurrecting a three-year-old election vow to review Hamilton’s contentious 2001 merger to “heal the rifts that divide us” — but he won’t rule out the prospect of deamalgamation.

Issues: Casino or not?

A controversial pitch for a downtown casino managed to cast a shadow over the 2014 vote before the ball even dropped Jan. 1.

Issues: Light Rail

If a shaky provincial government hits the gas on big ticket transit projects, city politicians will finally have to decide if they’re aboard for light-rail in Hamilton.

McHattie kicks off the race

 Brian McHattie has fired the first official salvo in a 10-month mayoral battle by suggesting the incumbent is missing in action.  Mayor Bob Bratina, meanwhile, says he’s happy to stand on his record — even if he won’t confirm his widely-expected candidacy.

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