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Duelling Junos & what music moves Don Ross

By Joan Walters / Hamilton Spectator Two mayoralty candidates are taking credit for their part in bringing the Juno Awards to Hamilton – one for the 2015 show, the other for getting the awards here in the first place. Former city councillor Don Ross – who declared for mayor last month – notes he was […]

Election Survey starting to gain steam

An all-round, ward-specific voting guide is under way for the 2014 Municipal Election via a survey by the Hamilton Civic League. As The Hamilton Spectator’s Teviah Moro writes, results will help the league identify people’s priorities, according to where they live. (Image: A survey excerpt) * * * A survey meant to produce a guide […]

Branding Hamilton as a music centre is part of McHattie’s campaign

See update on Hamilton groups nominated for Junos at * * * When councillor Brian McHattie held his official mayor’s race campaign launch, it wasn’t a big surprise that rising Hamilton rock & roots group Harlan Pepper was the band. (Above: Harlan Pepper was in the Top 10 for Hockey Night in Canada’s song […]

BACKGROUND: Campaign Finances

Mayor Bob Bratina’s $15,000 presentation on amalgamation this month prompted grumbling about the propriety of using City of Hamilton funds for what some councillors considered straight-up electioneering. Bratina is viewed as a mayoralty candidate who hasn’t yet declared, and opponents objected to the use of his office budget to take care of an unfulfilled 2010 […]

ISSUES: Homelessness

The extreme cold of recent weeks underscores the issue of homelessness in Hamilton, an important topic  in the campaign for the October municipal election.

Music: ‘Election Time’ anthem has universal theme

No, the Grammy award-winning Haitian hip-hop artist has nothing to do with the 2014 municipal election.  Except that Wyclef Jean’s election themed anthem is a perfect example of the type of music that shows up during campaigns.

BACKGROUNDER: Fluoride not on the ballot

From time to time during the 2014 election year, SpecVotes will do quick background briefings on issues that are of interest provincewide.  Fluoride is a logical pick, since so many Ontario communities are currently struggling with this sensitive topic.

FEATURE: Jeff Mahoney takes on Rob Ford, school gyms & other election peculiarities

Columnist Jeff Mahoney takes on the idiosyncracies of municipal elections, from the odds of Hamilton ever facing a local version of Rob Ford, to the gyms and halls we all end up in. 

Issues: Hamilton’s Suburban-Urban Divide

De-amalgamation is a potentially hot topic for this year’s municipal election. Spectator reporters Jon Wells and Teviah Moro looked into how the community’s split between rural, urban and suburban could play out in the October vote. 

Paul Berton: Newspapers can help you make an informed decision

More than 150 years ago, when daily newspapers were popping up across North America, many were born not necessarily to make money, but to influence politics.

Editorial: Should voting be mandatory?

Is it time to make voting compulsory? Almost certainly not. But we have to do something so more people will vote in Hamilton in 2014. Supposing you lived in Hamilton, Australia instead of Hamilton, Ontario. (Yes, it exists — it’s a small agricultural township in Australia’s south.) Supposing, again, you lived there in an election […]

Jim Poling: On our democratic obligation

 * * * My wife and I have long held the belief the most important thing we could do as parents is ensure our children received the gift of education.

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