Election story roundup for Wed., Oct. 8

vote-collageAs the Oct. 27 election approaches, the Spec’s coverage is heating up.

In today’s paper, Emma Reilly examines whether candidates should live in their wards:

“Downtown Councillor Jason Farr lives outside his ward. So did the late Bernie Morelli. Same with Ward 14 Councillor Robert Pasuta.

Several candidates in this municipal election — including Farr and Pasuta — don’t live in the wards they’re vying to represent. Some have personal or business connections within the community, while others are drawn to the four wide-open races without a challenging incumbent.

A candidate is only required to be resident of Hamilton or own property in the city to run in any ward. Technicalities aside, it’s an issue that tends to simmer at election time as candidates search to get a toehold against their opponents. More than a few aspiring politicians have been called out online and in spirited debates for not living among the people they want to represent.”

Read the full story here. 


Spectator columnist Andrew Dreschel addresses why fringe candidates aren’t getting the same media attention:

“Anyone who believes the news media is manipulating the outcome of the civic election by focusing on the three front-runners at the expense of the other nine mayoral contenders needs to go to a couple of all-candidates’ debates.

If they take along their critical-thinking caps, they’ll soon realize there’s a good reason the also-runs are dubbed fringe candidates and don’t merit equal news coverage.”

Continue reading Dreschel’s column here.

Dan Nolan covered an all-candidates’ debate for public school board trustees on the Mountain:

School closures were a dominant theme at an all-candidates debate for the three Mountain seats on the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.

The debate was hosted Tuesday night at Sherwood Secondary School by the Hamilton-Wentworth Council of Home and School Associations.

Read Nolan’s story here.

2 Responses to “Election story roundup for Wed., Oct. 8”
  1. Bonjour and hello to all city of Hamilton members, citizens, residences and visitors. My name is Ricky Tavares and I will be your mayor of Hamilton Ontario Canada in the near future. I was born here in city of Hamilton at St.Josephs hospital. I am here to announce now and to make this statement very public now that I will be the first mayor in Canada willing and proud to work for a minimum wage salary. I love Hamilton and I must protect our city. My colleagues, financial advisors and I have a 5 year plan to implement and generate 1 trillion dollars into the Hamilton city hall building within the next 5 years. I am sorry to announce now that I will only be your mayor for 1 term because this city is too small for me to lead and guide into a productive population. I will be moving to Ottawa to be your Prime Minister of Canada after 1 term here in the city of Hamilton as your mayor. Thank you for voting me Ricky Tavares as mayor of Hamilton on Oct 27.

    The reason why I am avoiding verbal physical communication with you and the other media outlets is because I do not want to give away my secret “5 year plan” on how I will and am very capable of generating 1 trillion dollars into Hamilton cityhall building. If I am not elected this year then all the idiots, unproductive, dumbasses that did not vote for me will have to wait another 4 years for next election before I start turning Hamilton into NEW YORK city. I want to make Hamilton the richest city in the world but these stupid, selfish, whitehaired, dinosaur, cavemen mayor candidates and the media are trying to stop me and getting in my way. Why will you wait until next election to vote me as mayor of Hamilton when you can vote me as mayor of Hamilton NOW so that Hamilton gives me the platform and exposure to be able to spread my wings and aggressively generate 1 trillion dollars of foreign currency into cityhall as fast as I can before other cities start to notice and copy my 5 year business plan.

    Right now my hands are tied because I am not mayor of Hamilton. I am not able to make Hamilton the richest city in the world and if I am not mayor then I will not share my secret plan with you or my competitors. Nicole, can you please ask all my mayoral candidate competitors to pullout of this election so that I am guaranteed to win ? If so, then I will appoint and hire some of my current mayoral competitors to work in my office right beside me because I can use their experience and their protection.

    I am serious. This is an emergency for city of Hamilton. You must vote Ricky Tavares for mayor of Hamilton because I will “put Hamilton on the world map” and “run with the big boys”.

    BTW, I do not smoke cigarettes, I do not drink alcohol and I do not smoke marijuana.
    Nicole, are you single ?

    Ricky Tavares

  2. Garry Bacman says:

    Yes, I believe candidates should live in their wards.

    Ricky, you never mentioned anything about smoking crack. I hear there’s no one currently running for President of the Moon, you should try your luck there first.

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