Off and running for the October vote

In Toronto, the Rob and Doug Ford consumed all final registration day attention with their switch-around at the last minute.  In Hamilton, it was few surprises as the deadline for running in the Oct. 27 election passed.  Here is the local wrap up of the final slate of candidates.

By  Matthew Van Dongen / Hamilton Spectator

The election race in Hamilton is set with 84 candidates running for seats around the council horseshoe Oct. 27.

A nearly identical number of candidates ran in 2010 but the similarities end there, thanks to four vacant council seats and a rare empty mayor’s chair.

By contrast, only one incumbent-less seat was up for grabs four years ago, thanks to Bob Bratina’s successful run for mayor. The resulting titanic Ward 2 race attracted around 20 would-be councillors and resulted in a Jason Farr win.

There are crowded races for all four empty councillor seats this fall, with the biggest featuring 14 names battling for the Ward 3 seat of Bernie Morelli, who died in January.

While Rob Pasuta was returned to his Ward 14 seat without a contest last election, all councillors face at least one challenger in 2014.

More than a quarter of all council candidates are women, although only one is vying for the top job. That’s still a better ratio than the previous election, which was closer to 16 per cent.

The Catholic school board will see a couple of acclamations this fall, but the race is on in the public board, where seven trustees are stepping down after a raucous term of school closure studies that ignited widespread community indignation.

Mayor (no incumbent)

Michael Baldasaro

Ejaz Butt

Mike Clancy

Brad Clark

Fred Eisenberger

Warrand Francis

Nick Iamonico

Crystal Lavigne

Brian McHattie

Phil Ryerson

Ricky Tavares
Ward 1 (no incumbent)

Jason Allen

Tony Greco

Aidan Johnson

Brian Lewis

Ira Rosen

Sandy Shaw
Ward 2

Ed Dallas

Jason Farr*

Kristina Heaton

Ryan Henry

John Vail

Terri Wallis
Ward 3 (no incumbent)

Ralph Agostino

Maria Anastasiou

Bob Assadourian

Mark Dimillo

Sean Gibson

Matthew Green

Jol Hess

Eva John

Brian Kelly

Byron Wayne Millette

Drina Omazic

Carlos Pinho

Tim Simmons

Bernie Szajkowski
Ward 4

Sam Merulla*

Lorna Moreau

Tina Whalen
Ward 5

David Brown

Chad Collins*

George Rusich

Larry Storm
Ward 6

Tom Jackson*

Brad Olynchuk

Dan Rodrigues
Ward 7

Keith Beck

Greg Burghall

Scott Duvall*
Ward 8

Joshua Peter Czerniga

Terry Whitehead*
Ward 9 (no incumbent)

Lee Austin

Doug Conley

Nancy Fiorentino

Cam Galindo

Tone Marrone

Geraldine McMullen

Marie Robbins

Christopher Rosser

Frank Rukavina
Ward 10

Teresa DiFalco

Maria Pearson*

Luana Yachetti
Ward 11

Brenda Johnson*

Vincenzo Rigitano
Ward 12

K. Grace Bryson

Lloyd Ferguson*

John F. Iachelli

Anthony Nicholl
Ward 13 (no incumbent)

Mark Coull

Rick Court

Pamela Mitchell

Kevin Norton

Marc Rheal Risdale

Danya Scime

Christeen Urquhart

Arlene Vanderbeek

Toby Yull
Ward 14

Steven Knowles

Robert Pasuta*

Scott Stewart
Ward 15

Neil Bos

Judi Partridge*

(* denotes incumbent councillor)
English public school board

Wards 1, 2

Christine Bingham

Chris Erl

Brian Gage

Simon Granat

Ed Sculthorpe
Ward 3

Michael Adkins

Steven Paul Denault

Jeremy Paul Fritchley

Erick Monterozza

Larry Thomas Pattison Jr.
Ward 4

Linda Chenoweth

Cindy Kennedy

Sandra Lindsay

Ray Mulholland*
Ward 5

Cahl Brown

Todd White*
Ward 6

Kathy Archer

Angie Armstrong

Al Miles

Eamon O’Donnell

Tanya Prosser
Ward 7

Greg Burghall

Dawn Danko

Marlon Picken

Sarah Warry-Poljanski
Ward 8

Wes Hicks*

Chris Litfin
Wards 9, 10

Jeff Beattie

Frank Rukavina

Stefanie Sheils

Greg Sinasac
Wards 11, 12

Mike Bell

Alex Johnstone*

Serena Samuel
Wards 13, 14

Bob Maton

Greg Van Geffen

Christopher Yendt
Ward 15

Penny Deathe

Nick Lauwers
English separate school board

Ward 1, 2

Al Ptasinskas

Mark Valvasori*
Ward 3, 4 (no incumbent)

Louis Agro

Frank Ciotti

George Harbottle

Anthony Mamone

Brian Nestor

Anthony Perri
Ward 5

Sam Agostino*

Diane Bubanko

Aldo D’Intino
Ward 6 (no incumbent)

Joseph Baiardo

Ed Pecyna
Ward 7

Patrick Daly*

Ward 8

Tad Brudzinski

Sergio Manchia

John Valvasori*
Ward 9, 10 and 11

Paul DiFrancesco*

Bernard Josipovic

Mary Nardini*
Ward 12, 13, 14 and 15

Carolyn Cornale*

French Public School Board (citywide)

Malika Attou

Pierre Girouard
French Separate School Board (citywide)

Mulomba Samuel Kalonji

Marcel Levesque

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