Focus Turns to Municipal Election & Voter Turnout


With the Ontario general election over, the focus returns  to the municipal vote in October – and also to voter turnout, which went up slightly in the poll that gave Premier Kathleen Wynne a majority June 12.

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Voters in municipal elections traditionally are the least likely to vote, with only 49 per cent of eligible voters casting ballots in the 2010 Ontario municipal elections.  Election officials hope what’s just happened in the Ontario election might boost the turnout on Oct. 27.

Across Ontario on June 12, voter turnout increased for the first time in more than 20 years in a provincial vote.

Unofficial results indicated 52.1 per cent of the province’s 9.2 million eligible voters cast their ballots, compared to 48.2 per cent in the last election in 2011, Elections Ontario said.   Read that story in full on

Watch SpecVotes for more on voter turnout and other municipal election issues as the campaign for Hamilton mayor, councillors and trustees begins to heat back up.

And here’s the link again to our interactive municipal election map, to help find your ward and the candidates.


2 Responses to “Focus Turns to Municipal Election & Voter Turnout”
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