Don Ross withdraws from mayor’s race

donross-facebookFormer Ward 8 alderman Don Ross won’t be running for Hamilton mayor.

The 70-year-old retired executive made the announcement that he’s withdrawing from the race to replace Mayor Bob Bratina via a message on Twitter on Monday (April 14).

“After many discussions with friends and family and soul searching I have decided to withdraw,”  he said.

Ross said his main reason for running was the belief that change was needed at city hall, but said that reason has “evaporated” with Bratina not seeking re-election.

Still in the race are Michael Baldasaro, Ejaz Butt, Brad Clark, Fred Eisenberger, Nick Iamonico, Crystal Lavigne and Brian McHattie.

Iamonico, 58, has previously run for election in mayor’s races in North York and Brockville.  He has now trained his sights on becoming the next mayor of Hamilton after registering April 7.

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One Response to “Don Ross withdraws from mayor’s race”
  1. Bonjour and hello to all city of Hamilton members, citizens, residences and visitors. My name is Ricky Tavares and I will be your mayor of Hamilton Ontario Canada in the near future. I was born here in city of Hamilton at St.Josephs hospital. I am here to announce now and to make this statement very public now that I will be the first mayor in Canada willing and proud to work for a minimum wage salary. I love Hamilton and I must protect our city. My colleagues, financial advisors and I have a 5 year plan to implement and generate 1 trillion dollars into the Hamilton city hall building within the next 5 years. I am sorry to announce now that I will only be your mayor for 1 term because this city is too small for me to lead and guide into a productive population. I will be moving to Ottawa to be your Prime Minister of Canada after 1 term here in the city of Hamilton as your mayor. Thank you for voting me Ricky Tavares as mayor of Hamilton on Oct 27.

    Regards,: Ricky Tavares 905-515-4307

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