Bratina is out: Who’s running for Hamilton mayor?


By Matthew Van Dongen

All of a sudden the race for mayor is wide open.

Removing a well-known if controversial incumbent like Bob Bratina from theĀ  equation “will no doubt be a game changer,” said pollster Josh Justice, who conducted a confidential phone survey on possible candidates last month.

Justice wouldn’t reveal the poll results, but suggested “very high” name recognition for a candidate doesn’t guarantee a win because it can come with “predetermined opinions.”

“The next mayor of Hamilton will be a candidate with high growth potential and the ability to attract voters from rural Hamilton,” he predicted.

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Photos: From top left, clockwise: Councillor Chad Collins, former mayor Fred Eisenberger, MP David Christopherson, former mayor Larry Di Ianni, Councillor Rob Pasuta / Spectator file photos

One Response to “Bratina is out: Who’s running for Hamilton mayor?”
  1. Bonjour and hello to all city of Hamilton members, citizens, residences and visitors. My name is Ricky Tavares and I will be your mayor of Hamilton Ontario Canada in the near future. I was born here in city of Hamilton at St.Josephs hospital. I am here to announce now and to make this statement very public now that I will be the first mayor in Canada willing and proud to work for a minimum wage salary. I love Hamilton and I must protect our city. My colleagues, financial advisors and I have a 5 year plan to implement and generate 1 trillion dollars into the Hamilton city hall building within the next 5 years. I am sorry to announce now that I will only be your mayor for 1 term because this city is too small for me to lead and guide into a productive population. I will be moving to Ottawa to be your Prime Minister of Canada after 1 term here in the city of Hamilton as your mayor. Thank you for voting me Ricky Tavares as mayor of Hamilton on Oct 27.

    Regards,,., Ricky Tavares 905-515-4307

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