McHattie for Mayor802

Why is Brian McHattie running so hard?

McHattie for Mayor802By Andrew Dreschel

For everyone except Brian McHattie, the Hamilton mayor’s race is still very much in the phoney war stage.

Mayor Bob Bratina has broadly hinted he intends to seek re-election, but has yet to register and rumours are growing he may step aside.

Former mayor Fred Eisenberger says he intends to run but also hasn’t formally signed on as a candidate.

And of the four who are registered — McHattie, Michael Baldasaro, Crystal Lavigne, Don Ross — only McHattie appears to be actively getting his messages out.

The Ward 1 councillor came out of the blocks fast and fierce in January with a splashy launch at LIUNA Station, staking out campaign themes he intends to build his platform around.

Last week, he launched an online campaign survey (on his website) to solicit the opinions of Hamiltonians, which he’ll use to help flesh out that platform.

In the coming weeks, he plans to start canvassing Mountain neighbourhoods, knocking on doors.

Meantime, McHattie has assembled the nucleus of a campaign team. He’s got an active group of 10 toiling on his behalf, and he’s formed four subcommittees to work on policy and strategy, communications, fundraising, and maintaining his election website.

His campaign chair is Todd White, probably best known as vice-chair and trustee of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. The communications chair is Graham Crawford, the well-known heritage and social media activist.

Why is McHattie running so hard? After all, voting day is not until Oct. 27 and serious campaigning doesn’t usually begin until September.

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Photo: McHattie and his wife, Dr. Elaine Blau at his announcement for mayor on Jan. 28, 2014 / Cathie Coward, Hamilton Spectator
2 Responses to “Why is Brian McHattie running so hard?”
  1. Dear Brother Andrew Dreschel,

    I suppose I can understand why one might ignore any Mayoral election “activity” on the all new “SpecVotes” Municipal Election Website in your assessment of the performance of Registered Mayoral Candidates, so as to proclaim that “of the four who are registered, only McHattie appears to be actively getting his messages out”, in light of the fact that I am the only Mayoral Candidate to complete the SpecVotes Questionnaire and send in a 1 minute video entitled “Who is Michael Bladasaro” weeks ago at the SpecVotes bequest.

    F.Y.I. My Questionnaire and 1 minute video “appears” on SpecVotes @

    SpecVotes is an excellent service being provided to Municipal Candidates via the Hamilton Spectator.
    In my opinion, any Candidate worth their salt, would have responded to SpecVotes Questionnaire by now and that as a Reporter you would take notice of any failure to do so.

    Brother Michael Baldasaro, Plebeian and
    A Registered Hamilton Mayoral Candidate in the 2014 Municipal Plebiscite

  2. Bonjour and hello to all city of Hamilton members, citizens, residences and visitors. My name is Ricky Tavares and I will be your mayor of Hamilton Ontario Canada in the near future. I was born here in city of Hamilton at St.Josephs hospital. I am here to announce now and to make this statement very public now that I will be the first mayor in Canada willing and proud to work for a minimum wage salary. I love Hamilton and I must protect our city. My colleagues, financial advisors and I have a 5 year plan to implement and generate 1 trillion dollars into the Hamilton city hall building within the next 5 years. I am sorry to announce now that I will only be your mayor for 1 term because this city is too small for me to lead and guide into a productive population. I will be moving to Ottawa to be your Prime Minister of Canada after 1 term here in the city of Hamilton as your mayor. Thank you for voting me Ricky Tavares as mayor of Hamilton on Oct 27.

    Regards., Ricky Tavares 905-515-4307

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