What Hamilton Hive member Diana Glennie considers the important election issues

Part of a series of Q&A features with Hamilton’s young professionals – members of Hamilton Hive – in the lead-up to the 2014 Municipal Election.

GLENNIEName: Diana Glennie

Age: 30

Employed as: Sessional lecturer, PhD candidate (Medical Physics), McMaster University

Desired job: Medical Physicist

Where do you live? Kirkendall neighborurhood, homeowner

Have you ever voted before? Ever since I was eligible.

Why do you vote? I feel that it is my civic duty to vote. I also feel that you can’t complain about the current administration if you didn’t vote in the election that appointed them.

What are the civic issues most important to you?

Alternative power such as nuclear, wind, solar. Education issues such as the previous Tory proposal to fund all religious schools. Misinformation regarding WiFi, fluoridation of water.

  • What are the most important issues to you in the upcoming election?

Continuing to expand the bike network, improved information dissemination (HSR GPS data, better website)

  • What issues are not getting the attention they deserve?

The continuing lawsuit regarding the Red Hill Valley expressway

  • What do you think is Hamilton’s biggest problem?

Proper budgeting and overspending/misspending on projects that don’t go anywhere

  • What does the current council do well? Good question
  • What does the current council do poorly?

Gives equal time to scientific and unscientific voices when deciding a matter.  Allocate and keep track of funding. Attract companies and professionals to the area.  Protect its skilled labourers.

  • What do qualities do you look for in your elected municipal officials?

Evidence-based voting. I want my representative to be well-informed on issues and vote with the interests of his/her riding in mind. I will absolutely not vote for someone who believes that fluoride in tap water and WiFi in schools are harmful. The science does not bear that out.

 * * *

SpecVotes will publish more young professional profiles in the coming weeks.

To see more stories on the October municipal election, go to thespec.com

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