Poll rates “likability” of possible Hamilton mayors

phoneA telephone survey asking Hamiltonians to rate the “likability” of seven local politicians set talk ablaze Friday at the water cooler and on social media over who’s doing polling for the mayor’s race.

The automated poll asks voter a series of questions to rate or compare Councillors Tom Jackson, Lloyd Ferguson, Terry Whitehead, incumbent mayor Bob Bratina, mayoralty candidate Brian McHattie, prospective candidate Fred Eisenberger and former mayor Larry Di Ianni.

Di Ianni – defeated by Bratina in the 2010 municipal vote – went on Twitter early Friday to dislcaim any knowledge (or interest) in the matter.

Only McHattie – among the group named in the survey – is a registered mayoralty candidate, although it’s anticipated that Eisenberger will also run for mayor.  Bratina has so far only said he sees no reason not to run.

Both Whitehead and Ferguson also said Friday they were not behind the poll, conducted by National Public Research Canada.

The poll focused on how voters would look at a candidate for mayor.  It asked respondents to rate their familiarity with each of the politicians, from unfamiliar to very familiar. Likability was rated from favourable to very unfavourable.

The survey also wanted to know who the respondent would be most likely to vote for if an election were held today, and then who the person’s second choice would be.

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