Music: ‘Election Time’ anthem has universal theme

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No, the Grammy award-winning Haitian hip-hop artist has nothing to do with the 2014 municipal election.  Except that Wyclef Jean’s election themed anthem is a perfect example of the type of music that shows up during campaigns.

‘Clef’ blocked from running as president

Jean produced the song when he filed as a presidential candidate in the 2010 election in Haiti, ravaged by a deadly earthquake that year. He was disqualified (in a non-residency dispute) but the cut from If I Were President has an election preparedness theme that’s universal.

Election time around the corner
Who you gon’ vote for?
We’re okay
Election time around the corner
What you gon’ fight for?
We’re okay

Read complete lyrics here

Election themes apply anywhere

Many of Election Time’s issues are universal too — education, unemployment, infrastructure, agriculture – although the main focus that year was to pull Haiti back from vast destruction. The song, however, stands as a great example of election music.

Music goes hand in hand with elections – from Frank Sinatra’s take-off on High Hopes for Kennedy’s campaign in 1960 to the rap music of the 2012 vote that put Barack Obama back in office. Below, Lukerative’s intro to Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was a sensation.

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