BACKGROUNDER: Fluoride not on the ballot

fluoride-mackayFrom time to time during the 2014 election year, SpecVotes will do quick background briefings on issues that are of interest provincewide.  Fluoride is a logical pick, since so many Ontario communities are currently struggling with this sensitive topic.

In Hamilton, fluoride will not be on the ballot in October because the question was decided at council last month. That’s when Stoney Creek Councillor Brad Clark withdrew his motion to ask voters whether the city should continue adding fluoride to municipal water.

The Spectator’s editorial cartoonist Graeme MacKay describes the end of that debate, above.  And here are links to The Spec’s coverage.

December – A three-hour debate and several public delegations ended with Hamilton City Council not having to decide the question of whether to put fluoride on this fall’s municipal election ballot.  Clark withdrew the motion, but said suggestions by some delegates that the question was too technical for voters was offensive and elitist.   More at thespec.com

November – Clark, the Ward 9 councillor, announced he would be tabling a motion to put the issue before voters on Oct. 27. Clark acknowledged then that city council had debated the controversial fluoridation issue “a number of times in my two terms, and yet, everywhere I go, someone expresses concern about the fluoride in the water … There seems to be a significant number in the community who are opposed.” More at thespec.com

3 Responses to “BACKGROUNDER: Fluoride not on the ballot”
  1. City Council must think their Plebeians are a bunch of idiots.
    Election after Election we get no choices of anything because we wouldn’t understand the issue, as if they, City Council do?

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