Former Councillor Don Ross is fourth to join mayor’s race

DonRoss-croppedDon Ross admits his run for mayor has been a long time coming — but not long enough to hurt his chances.

“I left council, but it’s not like I left town,” said the 70-year-old Ross, who last sat as a city alderman before amalgamation. “I’ve been involved and engaged in my community.”

Now he says the time is right to pursue a lifelong dream.

“I’ve always wanted to be mayor of this city. Right now, I think there is an unfortunate disconnect between the mayor’s office and the rest of council. I think I’m the person to change that.”

Ross joins Brian McHattie, perennial candidate Michael Baldasaro and landscaping company owner Crystal Lavigne on the official list of nominees. Bratina and former mayor Fred Eisenberger are also expected to join the race.

Lavigne, 31, is the city’s first female mayoral challenger since Diane Elms in 2006. The mother of five described the official race so far this way on Twitter: “3 old men versus me”

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