UPDATE: Former mayor fills Morelli’s seat


UPDATE: Bob Morrow has been appointed as caretaker of Bernie Morelli’s ward until the Oct. 27 municipal election.  Read the full story at

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Hamilton councillors are considering appointing former mayor Bob Morrow to replace Ward 3 Councillor Bernie Morelli, who died Jan. 14.

Morrow, Hamilton’s longest serving mayor, declined to comment until more time has passed: “I think I would rather remember Bernie at this time.”

But Councillor Sam Merulla says he’s privately broached the subject with Morrow, who seems open to the idea as long as the decision is undivided and without squabbling.

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2 Responses to “UPDATE: Former mayor fills Morelli’s seat”
  1. Ward 3 should have held a vote, at City Hall, with adequate notice via local news groups, whereas upon showing proof of residency, in person and/or via proxy, residents could exercise their vote and choice of leadership. This would lessen the cost of holding an election and preserve the democratic process. This would also bring the estranged residents of Ward 3 to City Hall and preserve the integrity of Council. Is exercising the peoples choice too much to hope for? We can waste millions on law suits and wrong way decisions, why not spend some of our Councillors/Mayors Office Allowances on democracy.

  2. I noticed at there is a tag for every candidate but me MICHAEL BALDASARO, notwithstanding the fact that I am the only Mayoral Candidate to complete your Mayoral questionnaire. This seems a bit unfair, especially as you have included all the other Mayoral Candidates TAGS.

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